8/18/2007 Atlanta

Most of these Eastern shows have been hot, humid outdoor events, which is common for the east in the summer, but being a California boy, I am not used to the humidity. Plus I've been running whenever I can get a free hour or two. The exercise is great, but I am learning that it's hard to get the old bod to recover in that kind of heat, so I have to take it a bit easier than I'd like. By 8:00 AM today I was reminded that I ain't 25 anymore.

 Partying till 2:00 with a 7:00 AM wheels-up for a show today in Madisonville, KY isn't my idea of the happy-go-lucky, rock-n-roll Gypsy life. Headache City. But I got only myself to blame, so I am smiling while I clutch my aching head.

I get to be home for 2 days next week. Then another week on the road. I have to say, touring on the bus has been sooo much easier than airports every day. But the all night bus rides take their toll. I never sleep as deeply when my bed is bouncing down the highway.

All in all, even though the travel has been grueling, the tour is going great, and I am happy to report that the new music is getting standing O's every night. Especially That's when I Find You and Free Man Now.

From the road,

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