7/23/2008 Writing from Backstage

Also reincarnated for this season is the band's favorite, Love Has Come of Age. I originally wrote this for the movie 'American Gigolo,' but they passed on it. And we all know how well that movie did :)

Other new/old fan faves that I sometimes have in the show are Keep The Fire and If You Believe, (from the Leap of Faith CD.) Both always go over well and are challenging to sing, but a lot of fun.

Being mostly a singer, I have the world's worst memory for my guitar parts, so Chris Rodriguez is always re-teaching me the chords to these new arrangements. Thank you Chris. Chris is now touring with Keith Urban again, so in his stead is a very accomplished guitarist named Scott Bernard. Scott hails from Nashville, and is typical of the high caliber of musician you can find in those parts.

Another new oldie is a reworking of a song most notably on the Cadyshack soundtrack album, Mr. Night. I made that ol' boogie feel more like a Z.Z. Top groove than the speed-freak tempo of old, and I must say it rocks pretty damn hard now. I guess this old dog still has a few tricks left in him.

I also recently added The One That Got Away, from the It's About Time CD to the show, in lieu of The Real Thing. It's always one-or-the-other, and since I've been doing The Real Thing for a few years now, I thought I'd give the newer one more curtain time. People seem to really like it.

It's been great fun to see the fan club out on the road again, and to make new friends as we go too. Thanks again for all the support. It makes the road a little less lonely to see all your smiling faces again, and to feel the enthusiasm of the thousands of music lovers at the shows.

See you out there.
Best wishes,


A Day on the Lake

Me and Paul. Visiting relatives.
Special thanks to cousins Phil and Theresa.

A Day on the Lake

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