9/11/2007 Summer Tour Highlights

Kenny Loggins and the Floating Heads

Here we are taking a little time to relax on an afternoon before the show in Kansas City.

Colorado Springs, Montana, Idaho, both British Columbia and Saskatchewan in Canada, all beautiful places! And I get paid to do this? What a great gig.

Of course, my favorite part was getting to do about a dozen shows with my son, Crosby, as my opening act. Words cannot describe how cool that feels. He consistently gave it his all and knocked 'em dead!

Crosby at Artpark!

Your letters have been enthusiastic and encouraging, and we very much appreciate your continuing support of him as he travels with Joe Bonamasa, as his opening act too. Don't let him get too lonely out there. (He's finally beginning to see that dad really has had to work for a living all those years. Hmmm…)

It was great seeing you all again. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your support out there. It's what takes me from show to show some days.

Hope to see you out there again in the Spring, when we re-release the new CD with a brand new cover, and Target and 180 Records sends it out into the world. Cross your fingers for me.

Much love and appreciation,

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