Albuquerque, NM 2009

MewithJimMessina-KennyLogginsMy name is Diana, and I'm a fairly new Kenny Loggins fan. Footloose has always been one of my favorite songs, but I never knew much beyond that as far as Kenny's solo songs, and I knew nothing of Loggins & Messina.

Last year, one of my co-workers brought in the Loggins & Messina concert DVD from 2005, and I fell in love with Kenny and Jim and the whole production. The musicianship and the songs were incredible, and, of course, I realized I knew several of the tunes.

When I learned that L&M were touring in 2009, I decided I had to see a show.  There wasn't a venue close to where I live, so I chose to see them in Albuquerque.  It seemed like a beautiful place to visit, and the venue had some interesting things to offer.  That's when I joined the fan club. I knew that would give me the chance to get good seats and backstage passes, and sure enough, I was able to get both.

I scored front row tickets and was able to enjoy the show from one of the best seats in the house.  The concert was wonderful.  They sang all my favorites that I had come to love over the previous few months, and I sang along to every tune. The band lineup was a little different, but the talent was still there. Kenny and Jim chose some really wonderful musicians to back them up for the tour. Everyone looked like they were having a great time on stage. Three of the guys from the DVD were part of the band, so it was cool to see a few familiar faces. Kenny and Jim sang from their hearts, and they provided us with some funny commentary and on-stage banter in between songs. The camaraderie seemed genuine, which made for a warm and entertaining environment.

I had gone to Albuquerque by myself but befriended the lady who sat next to me at the show. I told her that I had an extra backstage pass and invited her to go back with me to meet Kenny and Jim. She was very excited to get the opportunity, so we went back together.  We each got to chat with Kenny and Jim, and we each posed for a picture with them. They were kind and gracious, even though they must have been exhausted after such an incredible show. It was great to get to see them live on stage and to get to meet them. As a bonus, I was also fortunate enough to meet everyone in the band. They were all friendly and accommodating and were happy to give autographs and pose for pictures.

Seeing the show and meeting the band was a wonderful experience. Thank you to Kenny, Jim, and the band for being so fabulous, and thank you to Janet and the fan club for giving the fans a chance to have such incredible experiences. I'm glad to be a member of the KL Connection, and I look forward to seeing Kenny again in concert someday.

I've included a few pictures from the show and the one from my meet and greet with Kenny and Jim.

Thanks again!