Art Park 2007

I was so excited when I saw that Kenny was coming to Artpark; this was so close to me; I could go there and come back home the same night. My youngest son, Josh really wanted to see Kenny. This was perfect, the concert was free; didn't have to worry about getting fan club tickets as my husband wanted to go also.

As we approached Buffalo, it poured. I was so worried the concert would be rained out, but as luck would have it, just before Crosby went on, the clouds disappeared and the sun came shining through.

Crosby Kenny ArtparkCrosby was great; he has his father's sense of humor, but he has his own sound. He said he is so happy to be here in Buffalo, when someone from the audience corrected him, saying it is Lewiston.

The crowd went wild when Kenny appeared on the stage; he hasn't been this way in a while. I don't have the set list; I never write it down, so engrossed in the music. Kenny told some amusing stories to introduce his songs; some people laughed; Kenny remarked that is why he is not a stand up comedian, but I love his sense of humor, even my husband laughed at his jokes.

There are some new faces in the band. Us old timers remember Everette Harp, especially his saxophone duet with Kenny in "Celebrate Me Home"_x009d_ it was a show stopper. We thought no one could top that, then Chris Rodriguez came along; he really blew everyone away with his vocals and guitar. Now there is Gene Miller, wow, what can I say; he did a great job. It amazes me how good the band sounds. Paul Peterson is awesome, such energy, really getting the audience going. I was exhausted watching him; he must be so tired after each show.

Josh asked me if he was going to meet Kenny; I told him I didn't think so, but this was before I won backstage passes. I didn't tell Josh until right before we went backstage. We were supposed to go before the concert, but Kenny's plane was late, so it was afterwards. By that time I was so hot from dancing; my make-up had melted away.

ImageAs we stood in line waiting our turn, we noticed a woman there with a young child. Kenny held the child while someone took their picture. As the woman gathered her things, Kenny continued to hold the child until the woman took the child from him. We thought it was so sweet of Kenny to do that.

I told Kenny how happy I was that he finally has come to my part of the country and this was the first time I have seen him where I was going home to sleep in my own bed to which he chuckled. Josh was thrilled to meet him; he was telling all his friends about it.

It was a great evening; maybe I will make a fan out of Josh.  ~ JudyZ

Artpark Photos by B. Williams