Cache Creek 2010

samantha-brooks-caOn August 21, 2010, Kenny played Club 88 at the Cache Creek Casino Resort in Brooks, California. He opened to thunderous applause, which returned each time he finished a song or told a joke. He demonstrated his usual sense of humor, but I won't ruin any of his jokes by repeating them here.

Here's a playlist:

Conviction of the Heart
This is It
Whenever I call you Friend
Just Breathe (from The Unimaginable Life)
Wait A Little While (from High Adventure), which he dedicated to himself
Run River Run
A medly that started with Your Mama Don't Dance and ended with Chain of Fools
The Real Thing (from Leap of Faith)
House at Pooh Corner (all three verses)
Danny's Song (only verses one and four)
Leap of Faith
Celebrate Me Home
How About Now?
Heart Light
I'm Alright

His encore included:

Crossroads (yes, the one by Eric Clapton)

Kenny explained that his tight little band of four, including drummer Rock Deadrick, guitarist Scott Bernard, and Shem Von Shroeck playing bass and keyboards, allowed him to do some different tunes than he usually
would play.

The concert was just delightful. I'm sure it was at Kenny's request that the venue was smoke-freek for the evening. (Thanks, Kenny!)

My meet & greet photo didn't turn out very well, but I'm attaching a photo my friend took of him on stage near the end of the show, greeting the crowd. He was his usual gracious self, both on stage and afterwards at the Meet & Greet.