Clearwater, FL 2011

A thousand and one "thank you's" for my meet and greet evening with Kenny on Tuesday night. It was a truly magical night.

My husband and I drove two hours with white knuckles through sheets of rain and tornado warnings anticipating my upcoming evening of music with Kenny and what I would say when I met him. Would I talk about how "Leap of Faith" was my snuggle blanket of comfort for me through my painful divorce, or how "Unimaginable Life" gave me hope and my confidence back to meet my new amazing husband...

Nope, oddly enough, the magic I found was more than the concert - it was the audience ... all singing along in excitement - a jammed packed room of a lot of grey heads (much like my own) that shared an intimacy of memories through Kenny's incredible voice - you could just feel love in the place. I met Michelle sitting next to me who had supported the concert seat for over 20 of Kenny's past shows (since 1974) and brought pictures and clippings to contribute to his memory gallery. I talked to Adria, a gorgeous young artist who brought with her a sculpture to donate to Kenny's charity auction. An outpouring of love and energy that captured my heart. What a wonderful night!  ~ Pam F.