Del Mar Fairgrounds 2006

bob-delmarBefore I go to see a concert, I like to read a review so I can get a feel_x009d_ for what to to expect from the perfomer's current tour. I am not interested in the complete set list, and I don't need to know every detail of the performance. Shows tend to differ from venue to venue anyway. Therefore, my review will provide you some specifics about the show, (that I just saw earlier this evening from 3rd row, stage center), but not tell you everything.

First of all, Kenny has always put together top notch talent for all of his tours, and this band is no exception.  If you were fortunate to see the incredible Loggins and Messina reunion tour last year, you may remember Bass player Shem von Schroeck, who stays on with Kenny for this tour.  He has an impressive list of bands he has played with as well as produced. The entire band offers plenty of support for Kenny, and seemed tight and well rehearsed, considering this was the first show of the tour.  There were a few minor technical problems that caused some delays, but that happens at almost any venue and it never affects my opinion of the artist's performance. It's usually not their fault anyway, and sometimes it gives them a chance to tell a joke or two.

Photo by Robert OBut let's get to the main man.  One thing I hear someone shout out at some point, at every show, including this one, is "You've still got it!!!"  When Kenny had just finished one of his sweet ballads at the L & M show last year, a fan yelled out those exact words and Kenny immediately responded with "but I thought the penicillin took care of it!"  (Sorry Kenny, you probably were hoping we forgot that one!) 

Anyway, my point is, after all these years, he does "still have it."  His voice is just as great as ever, including his ability to still hit the high notes that seems to elude many other performers as the years go by. The set list has a few nice new songs, but you can count on hearing most of the great hits from his previous tours. 

Although Kenny seems to sing all of his songs from the heart,  his presentation of "Forever" was delivered exceptionally well.  He wasn't just singing the song, you could tell he was feeling the passion and emotions of the lyrics.  Overall, it was a great show, and if you're planning on seeing this current tour, you won't be disappointed!

My wife, Diane,  and I were fortunate to be selected for a meet and greet for this show. And we were the first to meet Kenny after the show.  There were many other fans waiting in line, so our time to meet and talk to Kenny was brief but rewarding.  He was cordial and friendly but seemed a bit tired, which is not surprising.  He autographed some pictures that we brought, and one of his staff took our camera to take a few pictures of Kenny, Diane and myself.  I also asked him if he would sign a blank 8 x 10 sheet of photo paper for us. So now when I print the photo of the three of us, it will also have his original signature on it which I will proudly frame and display on my wall.

I want to thank the wonderful staff that operates the Kenny Loggins Fan Club and Web Site, especially Janet who was very helpful in answering my questions and giving me the good news that I had been picked for a "meet and greet." - Robert O