Harrah's Rincon Casino 2008

It was great to see Kenny in Concert again, I try to go to as many as I can within a few hundred miles of my home every year since the Loggins and Messina days.

It was an interesting drive to the Casino, driving through the lush hills and Indian Reservations. Kind of spooky.it seemed like driving into the past. Then all of a sudden an opening and like an oasis, there was the Harrah's Casino lights in the night, the excitement was building!

It was a nice small venue ... although I miss the days of the Greek theatre and long sets. My girlfriend Peggy and I had great seats as usual though the KL Connection.

Funny how the crowd stays the same age as me throughout the years, and great to see long time fans still eager to see him.

The lights came down, and Kenny came out to a great response. The sound at the venue was great and his voice is still as strong as ever.

One of the highlights was Kenny coming out to the audience during Celebrate Me Home, when he has the women in the audience sing one part and the men the other. Kenny is always good at getting a crowd response, but rarely has to ask for the fans to sing along.

He came out and walked up the aisle while singing and holding the mic out for the audience, shaking hands and singing to people on the way. The aisle behind us had 3 empty seats directly behind us and he got up on the seats right behind us and sang the rest of the song from there.

He is definitely happiest performing for his fans! It was hard to get pics as security was hot on confiscating cameras and I wanted to make sure I still had it for the meet and greet, but I did get a few!

I had won Meet and Greet tickets, which I did not tell my girlfriend about till we had arrived there.

nickj-mgThe first group to meet him were visitors from Harrah's where they got a quick handshake and a Polaroid photo. Then after they were done .. he came out and asked if we were his fan club .. I was one of the first in line and got to joke with him a little while he got things organized for us.

It was cool because he definitely gave his fans more time and attention than the first group. I had brought some 8x10 photos for him to sign for me and my girlfriend and asked him if he had a silver sharpie to sign with, as most of the photos he would sign would have dark backrounds..he did not. He signed a couple of photos for me and I gave him my silver sharpie to keep so he could sign the rest of the autographs..he seemed happy about that.

I introduced my girlfriend to him as "My Lady, My Love." I think it went over his head ... a song title of his from Native Sons from the L&M days... kinda funny... guess he can't remember them all.

When he saw the photos I had, he told me I should email them to Janet because he really liked them and said they should be on the website... I did and if you look in the photo gallery for year 2007 you can see some of them that I took of him at Del Mar in 2007. It is pretty exciting to see them on the site and that he liked them so much. Thanks Janet and Alyssa!

I had my camera, and had his manager take a picture of my girlfriend and I with him -- came out great (I think he liked her). He was great to talk to and meet, something I had wanted to do for a long time and finally got the chance! Way Cool.

Nick J