Hollywood Bowl July 2 2006

kamradt1July 2, 2006 - Have you ever just met someone and subconsciously thought that you knew them even before this actual meeting?

Taking aside the glitz, glamour and excitement of meeting someone famous, our opportunity to meet and greet Kenny Loggins was memorable simply because of Kenny. Kenny in person is as warm, friendly, humble and personable as the aura of his stage presence. Our first and departing impression of Kenny was what a genuine guy he is and how now it makes sense to have felt warmth and identity to all the songs he has sung in his career.

We had the opportunity to be at Kenny's Hollywood Bowl Concert on Sunday, July 2nd in Los Angeles. Our seats which we purchased through the KL Connection were superb; first box behind the Orchestra Pit. (We couldn't have gotten any closer unless we were on stage!) It was a great evening with the beautiful setting of the Hollywood Hills and the presence of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, who accompanied Kenny along with his Band to some of his most famous songs. Later that evening after Kenny's official concert and the fireworks in celebration of the July 4th kamradt2holiday, the Orchestra played "America the Beautiful"_x009d_ and Kenny came back on stage singing. Everyone at that point was emerged with pride to be an American; yet when Kenny proceeded to sing this solo with his heartfelt rendition, the audience was spellbound. Kenny singing his final song for us that evening under the stars exceeded everyone's expectation for this concert.

My sister Karen and I have always identified with Kenny Loggins and his songs. My daughters Kara and Kacee are the next generation of his fan club. We all were taken by the charisma that Kenny the person displayed when we met him after the concert. He spoke to all of the people backstage as if we all had been his life-long friends. Kenny was patient, polite and endearing to everyone that had a chance to get his autograph and take a picture with him. We were captivated by the sensational opportunity to meet and greet Kenny. What an awesome performer and a genuine person. What a memorable evening for us. ~ Kathy & Karen K