Hollywood Bowl July 3 2006

maureenRJuly 3, 2006 - I was one of the lucky winners of the Meet and Greet at the Hollywood Bowl on July 3rd.

First of all, the concert was great (of course!) and our seats were so close! This was my ninth time seeing Kenny in concert but I have never sat so close to the stage. The band could see us and hear us from up on the stage. That was a real treat!

The Meet and Greet was very well organized. My husband and I were led into an outdoor area behind barricades where Kenny was waiting and talking to other lucky fans. We waited briefly, then he came over, shook our hands and spoke to us for a few minutes. He was very gracious and was kind enough to sign autographs and take pictures with us. In between meeting with the winners of the Meet and Greet, Kenny also went over and signed autographs for fans on the outside of the barricades too. I thought that was really nice of him.

After we were done, we hung out there a while longer and just watched him mingle with the other fans. No one told us to leave the area and there was no feeling of being rushed through. It was a wonderful experience for us and one I will certainly never forget!

Thank you so much for making it possible! ~ MaureenR