Kettering, OH 2010

Peggy-ketteringJudging by the temperature and the high humidity, you would have thought it was a concert in mid August instead of late spring. Even Kenny commented, saying it reminded him of New Orleans ..."sweaty and sexy."

Malea McGuiness and her 3 piece band opened the show, and her set lasted about a half hour. A very personable young lady with a sweet voice. She related how she has been a life-long fan of Kenny's and how she had caught a towel that he threw into the audience at a concert some years ago. She folded the towel and put in on her keyboard, for good luck, and went on to write many songs on that keyboard (one of which she played). And now here she is ... opening for him.

Since her website shows that she won't be touring with Kenny anymore this summer, I don't know if any of you will get to see her at upcoming concerts.

After about a 15 minute break, Kenny was introduced. Because at least Twig wants to know ... he was wearing jeans and a white t-shirt with a large multi-colored, partly metallic dragon swirling across the front.

Kenny wasn't too chatty, but seemed to be in a good mood and having a great time. I'll tell you one thing ... after all the difficulty he had with his throat and voice last year, I've never heard his voice sound stronger. It seemed to me he was using his falsetto voice a lot more than usual.

The set list:

Danny's Song
Return To Pooh Corner
Dayton, Ohio 1903 (A Randy Newman song....Kenny said he doesn't sing that song at every concert, but he felt it was appropriate ---- Kettering is a suburb of Dayton)
Conviction Of The Heart
Sweet Reunion
Whenever I Call You Friend
The Real Thing
Heart To Heart
This Is It
Celebrate Me Home
I'm A Free Man Now
Your Mama Don't Dance
I'm Alright

Encore #1
14. Don't Fight It
15. Danger Zone
16. Footloose

Encore #2
17. Mr. Night (I can't remember the last time he did this in concert!)
18. Forever

The band was super-tight. Steve Nieves is a real treat ... it's always great to have a sax, other horns and more percussion in the mix, plus Steve has a great smile and stage presence. Kenny mentioned George Hawkins is back with him on bass after a 20 year hiatus.

The crowd was a very receptive one, good sing-a-longs and were up and dancing from "Your Mama Don't Dance" through "Mr. Night".

I was fortunate enough to have meet & greet passes for after the show. The venue folks saw to it that the fan club members had their time with Kenny before those with "VIP" passes.

As always, he was gracious and warm and so easy to talk with.

Afterwards, we walked to the car and the moment we got in, it started to rain.

Thank you, Kenny (and band and roadies and management and everyone else who work hard to make it happen) for yet another wonderful and memorable evening! Thank you Janet for making a fun meet & greet happen for me! ~ Peggy