Loggins & Messina - Vienna, VA 2009

jimmy-kirkS-diane-kennyFirst of all the concert was tremendous, as usual. The place went nuts by L&M merely taking the stage. People like me (and I'm glad to see there are thousands like me!) appreciate Kenny and Jimmy individually, but it's obvious that the whole is much more than the sum of the parts (to use a cliche!) L&M is a special combination! We fans never forgot L&M from "back in the day" and have always been moved by the music, which has proven to be timeless.

The hope and dream of a reunion never seemed to be in the cards, so when it happened in 2005 and again this year, it's something to be cherished.  We all know how quickly 32 years have flown by since they went their separate ways in 1977, and we can't help but be reminded how short this life is.  It's obvious to me that Kenny and Jimmy know that they have touched people's lives... and it shows how down to earth and appreciative they are to tour again and to meet dedicated fans such as myself.  Can't say I know of many other rock stars who meet and greet!

I was very excited to meet L&M after the show.  When they entered the room they were very down to earth and at-ease... it made us all feel relaxed.  My friends commented how we all look like old friends posing for a photo! Hey, we're all California mellow (I'm from L.A.) and L&M are just two dudes you can hang with and have a good time.  They just happen to be awesome musicians!

l-m-cup1I brought something as a conversation piece, to break the ice, to prevent me from stammering or saying something really stupid... it was a cup from 7-11 circa 1976 promoting Loggins and Messina Native Sons!!  Kenny and Jimmy were impressed... said they never knew about this promotion!!  They each examined it closely for the fine print, etc... mission accomplished... we struck up a conversation and had a chuckle!

Please pass along my thanks to Kenny and Jimmy for reaching out to meet their faithful following!  Thanks also to the fan club staff for the great communication and services being provided. - Kirk S