Nashville TV Taping: Legends & Lyrics 2008

On June 12, 2008, KL Connection members were treated to a night to remember in Nashville, TN, where we attended a taping for an upcoming PBS special called "LEGENDS & LYRICS."  This special will not only include our fav artist, Kenny Loggins, but many other music legends, as well as up and coming rising stars.  For anyone who has not been to a television taping, hopefully this will fill in some snippets of what goes on behind the scenes.

The stage manager first filled everyone in that any type of recording device, even cell phones on vibrate or silent mode, can interfere with the high tech TV recording equipment. Once all electronics were stowed away, and as if our airline flight was about to take off, we rev'd up into rounds of applause for the pre-taping -- first the golf match clap; then a little louder; then thunderously and furiously clapping until our hands hurt.  Ooops, a few in the audience added bits of "yay's and whoo hoo's" that were not to be included.  Start over .. take 2.  More clapping; then more with vocals; then finally a standing ovation.  By this time we were not only warmed up for the artists that were soon to appear before us, but next we had to go into rounds of laughter.  It suddenly felt as if we were at some self-improvement, de-stress your life seminar, laughing at nothing but the sound of others laughing!

And at last we were ready to begin as "Rising Star" Nathan Lee took the stage with his saxophonist for a couple of pre-taping songs.

After a short break, everyone was told they'd have to stay in their seats for the next couple of hours, as our long-awaited favorite artist, Kenny Loggins, along with friend and singer-songwriter, Richard Marx, would take the stage with special guest, Brad Arnold from 3 Doors Down.

Kenny, Richard, and Brad were introduced, and then Kenny took the spotlight first.  All three artists took turns storytelling on how they came to write the lyrics before each of the songs they sang.  What we didn't know, is that Richard Marx seemed to be quite the instigator with his quick wit, yet not to be outdone by Kenny retaliating with his great sense of humor and playful banter fired back in return. Richard mentioned how much he admired Kenny as both a singer and songwriter .. at times being very sincere, but then typically ending with some little joke.  It was evident these 2 amazing artists had worked together often and were great friends as well.  We could just feel the chemistry between them as they continued to share many jokes and teasing with each other and then with the crowd (most of which we figure will be edited out for the PBS audience).

At one point, Kenny was disconnecting his guitar for his next song and said, "I'd like to ask Richard to jump on the piano to accompany me on this next song."  But what the audience saw, that Kenny did not, was Richard took that opportunity to pull another prank on Kenny and literally climbed right onto the piano in Billy Joel fashion!  Kenny heard the audience roar with laughter, and then turned around to see Richard had his entire leg over the top of the piano keys and onto the top of the piano!  Ah yes, be careful when you tell Richard to climb onto something!

Kenny was accompanied by the amazing Chris Rodriguez on guitar.  They kept us singing and clapping along to some of our fav KL songs. Then Kenny warmed our hearts when he did a special dedication and song to one of his children.  Richard Marx included some of his best known hits along with a brand new song.  We'll leave the actual set list as a surprise for all of you who will tune in to see the PBS special in the late fall.

After the taping, Kenny patiently made his way through the sea of people in the general audience who were hoping to say a quick hello or grab an autograph, to where we were waiting for our own hello and thanks. He graciously posed for photos with all of us and seemed sincerely appreciative that we were there to lend him our support.

Yes, the music was magical; the audience laughter memorable; and the fun we had being insiders of such a special event was something everyone from the KL Connection who attended will always remember on a wonderful night in Music City!