Roseburg, OR 2006

Leigh F with  Kenny!I was floored when I was on my way into the hotel we were staying at and walking in front of me was a tall, thin guy looking vaguely like - wait for it - he held the door open for me - KENNY LOGGINS!! In my tongue-tied state, all I said was "Hello" (not even thanking him for holding the door) and noticed that he looked really tired so I didn't say anything else.

But through the fan club, we got front row seats and also got meet & greet passes (my first time meeting Kenny)! I was needless to say, giddy with excitement!

The concert was stellar - with Chris Rodriguez and Shem helping out.  Afterwards we scuttled off to get in line for the meet & greet - 10 of us had Fan Club passes and we got special consideration - the first ones in to see Kenny!

I wish I had paid more attention while I was waiting my turn - should have listened to him visiting with the other fans. I brought along a CD insert for him to sign, shook his hand and told him we had been to lots of concerts and also that we had seen him at the hotel (we caught him staying at a Holiday (Inn) Hotel - L&M song) and he said, "Oh, that was you." And then my hubby took the attached picture.

Meeting Kenny was on my "to do list" and I'm so thankful it happened - thanks to the Fan Club! - Leigh