Summer Tour 2011

The Birchmere - 6.27.11Alexandria, VA 6.27.11

My friend Julie and I absolutely loved every moment of the show. Stunningly talented his lyrics, music and voice deeply resonate with all ages (many generations at the show).

Kenny just keeps getting better and better! He was charming and had great audience interaction sharing funny anecdotes and seemed to genuinely enjoy the evening as much as we did.

His performance was breathtaking! Mesmerizing! We also loved Kenny as part of Blue Sky Riders! More fun and wow talent! We really enjoyed the group performance as well. ~ RonaldaM

Webster, MA 6.24.11

What a wonderful time my sister and I had at the concert! Kenny came out with Blue Sky Riders, dressed in a pair of plastic glasses with a big nose and mustache, like we didn't know who it was!! He threw them into the audience and I caught them! Yaaa!

Blue Sky Riders was fabulous! I just loved them! And of course Kenny was the best; he played so many of my favorites ... This Is It, Conviction of the Heart, Leap of Faith, Footloose (I had to call my son so he could hear it, it's his favorite!) and many more.

Then came the Meet & Greet ... I can die happy now because I met Kenny Loggins! I had my picture taken, he signed my Leap of Faith CD (my favorite) and I also got my picture taken with Kenny while I was wearing those glasses he tossed out! Will send the photos soon. Just wanted to thank you so much, we had a wonderful time and I will never forget it! ~ MaureenG