Sylvania, OH 2010

2010 Cathy S all rights reservedAwesome, awesome, awesome!

The concert showcased "Leap of Faith" music, which is perfect as far as I am concerned. That is really a favorite CD/Album (Yes, I have it still in on Album) the music speaks to me in so many ways. I had missed the original "Leap of Faith" tour and have always regretted it. So, I was really happy.

The crowd filled out nicely and the weather held out. Thunderstorms were forcast for the area (that would not have stopped me) and we heard thunder, lots of thunder, but only a sprinkle or two of rain drops. I mean, I felt 3 rain drops fall upon me and that was all. So it was a beautiful night as well.

Kenny was wonderfully amazing.  He did well.  And backstage he was very gracious.  I remember standing in the tent waiting for him, the excitement and anticipation of seeing him once again.  My heart was racing.  Again, I stress Kenny was very gracious with all of us.  He just amazes me backstage, onstage, offstage, stageleft, stageright, etc ... LOL!

The crowd overall was a bit subdued, but finally 3/4 of the way through the concert people stood up and stayed up and danced, finally....!!!! I would stand and then have to sit down, because no one else behind me was standing, and I didn't want to be rude.

You could just see the guys in the band and especially Kenny's face light up when the audience loosened up and began dancing.  Kenny did a great show, despite a few sound issues here and there.  He did a lot of vocals, enchanting us with the quality of his voice, played some lead guitar, and did his usual "Celebrate Me Home" audience walk through which the crowd just died for and enjoyed it so much.  It seemed to surprise much of the audience, but not me!  LOL

And of course, backstage was and is a treasured moment, one that I am so greatful and thankful for the opportunity to spend a precious few moments with the man whose music has carried through so many rough times.  It is just good to be able to thank him, I don't know that he can ever know, how much he means to many of us, but I sure like trying to tell him!  ~ Cathy S


connieL-sylvaniaAttached is a picture of Kenny & I after the Sylvania Ohio show. He was in a great mood, talking and laughing with everyone.  I was sure to thank him for the kindness he shows to his fan club members by giving us a chance to participate in the Meet and Greets. His show was one of the best-he sang songs mostly from The Leap of Faith album which is my favorite. Thank you for all you do in the fan club. It's such a pleasure being a part of this. ~ Connie L