Vancouver, WA 2007

laurakenny-smJust wanted you to know the concert this evening in Vancouver, WA was AWESOME! Perfect weather too, I might add! The crowd was pretty mellow and quiet for whatever reason (while they were all clearly enjoying the show immensely.) We Kenny Fans in the VIP booth were a little bit more "demonstrative" as far as whistlin', hootin', hollerin', etc. :) Everybody was really polite as far as sitting down so people behind could see. Great crowd, people of all ages and backgrounds, good wine, good food and especially...incredible music!!!!!

Kenny sounds GREAT, the band is tight, and hearing most of the audience sing "Celebrate Me Home" without any sound at all coming from the stage gave me goosebumps. That was a reverent moment. Danger Zone and Footloose were right there at the end and so fun! LOVED the songs from the new album. The whole concert was fantastic. And it was SO nice meeting Kenny after the show. Thank you, KL Connection for the opportunity. Yes, Susie, he's still hot. (Kenny's single, I'm single, he's on tour, I'm moving for a new job. Dang. I guess the timing just isn't right! Bah ha. :) I've known I was going to meet him since he smiled at me from the South Dakota State Fair stage in 1986 before the concert started and it was just him and me; I just didn't know it would take this long!

mas-laura-smAnd it is SO COOL that Masayoshi and I were able to meet Kenny together. Mas and I had never met in person before tonight - we were introduced on Kenny's site just a few weeks ago. When I won the Meet & Greet pass and knew he was coming from BC, Canada for the just all came together. We had so much fun chatting and getting to know each other. Mas has wanted to meet Kenny since he was 10 and bought his first western album, Vox Humana.

Anyhoo, it was a great concert - we had a blast. I wanted you fellow Kenny fan club members to be the first to hear and see the photos!


All Best Wishes,