David Crosby

I first met David Crosby when he and Graham Nash came to my studio to sing on my first children’s CD, Return to Pooh Corner. They had a unique, lush blend together that set them apart from all others, and I will be forever grateful for their creative generosity.

David Crosby’s passing marks the end of an era. He literally was the paradox that was the ‘60s. Everything about him was embodied in those rebellious years; sometimes gentle, sometimes fierce, but never “appropriate.”

David will be missed the way one’s own childhood is missed, seen through the lens of nostalgia, loved for not only what it was but what we wanted it to be — rude and rockin, singing the gospel of peace, love and disruption. Ironically, nostalgia makes everything seem beautiful. If we let it sweeten David’s memory, however, we do him a disservice. As beautiful, as peaceful as his music could be, I also choose to to remember David as the original Billy of Easy Rider, defiantly astride his Harley, flipping the bone to prejudice and injustice. Uncompromising. Being the most honest version of David Crosby he could be. And demanding no less from you. No wonder so many people struggled with him and his friendship. Sadly, with David’s passing, I think the 60s are officially over now.

So it goes.
May we all rest in peace.