November 2013 Cruise Recap

In November 2013, some very lucky KL Connection members attended the Wine, Dine & Music Cruise aboard the Royal Caribbean's "Brillance of the Seas!" They were treated to great wine, great food, and most of all, great music from their favorite artist as Kenny co-headlined along with Three Dog Night for a wonderful time at sea! Events included a photo session with Kenny; front row seats for one or two nights of Kenny’s concert, and at the end of the week, Kenny treated everyone to a special 2 hour Q&A session that included impromptu songs, and a special meet and greet for KL Connection members!

Colleen E Wine, Dine, Music CruiseThere are no words to express my thanks for your assistance with the cruise meet and greet! What a fabulous time! During the question and answer, I asked Kenny to sing "Now and Then." My husband and I got married to that song 33 years ago. He did! And I cried my eyes out. What a kind, sweet man Kenny is. Thank you again. - Colleen E

I have seen Kenny many times over the last thirty years, and the cruise was one of my all-time favorite performances. Kenny put his heart, soul, and spirit into his shows and truly, he is better now than ever. With age has come wisdom, and sharing a glimpse of his interiority during a two hour Q&A was a wonderful gift to all and an amazing way to celebrate my fiftieth birthday! He's a living reminder to always follow our hearts. - GretchenC

Donna J Wine, Dine, Music Cruise

The Wine, Dine and Music Cruise with Kenny Loggins was absolute over the top nonstop fun. Also having other shipmates that shared the same interests and appreciation of fine wine, great food and amazing music made the cruise unforgettable.  One of the many highlights of the cruise was the second show Kenny performed, which was an intimate performance setting where he invited Nester Torres to join him on stage which was a magical experience and a sound I will never forget. It was fun running into Kenny
on the way to dinner, in the spa, in the workout area during Zumba class and on the deck of the ship. Every night we would receive a different wine to try or share with our fellow shipmates. There was no shortage of friends on the ship. Another special memory was the Q&A that Kenny had in which he shared the stories behind songs that he had written as well as performed some of those songs.  He also shared a personal, spiritual and humorous side of himself that made the experience very special.  I will cherish this cruise experience and am grateful that I had the opportunity to have a truly memorable and fun filled week with my friend Kenny. - Donna J


What an amazing experience!!! It will be the most memorable event in my life. I can't thank you enough for the Meet & Greet. - Robin P


I had the time of my life on the cruise. Been a loyal fan for 33 years. The trip was superb and the Q & A with the fan club members was so memorable. You made my year and I know you established new fans on the cruise, but I have always been your supporter and I am one of those who owns every recording you ever made and I did purchase “How About Now” at Target - and I love that album. I still say this was the best trip I have ever taken! Thanks so much for the memories - love, love and more love - Karen K


Sue and I had a fantastic time on the cruise!!!  Not only was Kenny fantastic but Three Dog Night and World Classic Rockers were both great.  It started out with a poolside concert from WCR where everyone was dancing and having a great time.  As Kenny said during his show everyone put on their 80"s persona.  The next day in the afternoon was "have your picture taken with the headliners."  I saw Kenny walking into the picture area and said Hi.  He said "great – my fan club is here.”  I took my picture with him and Tracy happen to mention to Tim from Cruise Productions that I was a super Kenny Loggins fan.  He gave me a Celebrate Me Home LP that Kenny had signed:  "To Lori  Kenny Loggins"  How cool is that?

I did get to sit front row center for his concert which was great.  The day of his concert I saw his lead guitarist (Scott) talking to some people on the ship.  When he was done I told him I was a big fan and had been going to Kenny's concerts for 20 years.  We talked a while – he was very nice.  The rest of the week we kept running into Shem & his wife. They were both very nice.

All week long Sue and I were having a great time with all the music on the ship.  Even the piano bar guy was great!  We were dancing like 20 year olds at all the shows and having a ball.  On Friday Kenny did his musicians corner and then a Q & A.  I got to sit in the front row for his talk.  During the Q&A I raised my hand and when I went to ask my question I stood up and said "Hi My name is Lori"  Kenny replied " I know and in fact if anyone on the ship wants to know anything about me she is the one to go to."  It was really funny.  After the Q&A was the meet and greet.  I went up to Kenny and presented him with a little gift.  It was a 5X7 framed photo of an Eagle with the saying "Your Attitude In Life Determines Your Altitude" .. he really liked it and gave me a big hug. I told him that through his music and book he has been an important teacher in my life and thanked him for all the joy he has brought into my life.  It was a very special moment for me.  - Lori Rodrigues


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